Dawn of a new era 

in travel & tourism

Technology has revolutionized the way travelers search, book and purchase their travel.

It has also changed the way airlines, hotels, travel agents and tour operators market their products and services.  

At Meebo, we strive to adopt travel technology best practices to create better opportunities for both travel providers and travelers. 


Here are some of the ways we do this:

Travel Distribution

We work with award-winning global consolidators, and travel agency partners in Pakistan, to enable the distribution of airline tickets and hotel inventory through some of the world's leading Online Travel Agents (OTA) customers.

We have been successful in creating new business opportunities for travel agents, while promoting Pakistan's travel products & services to a global audience.

Travel E-commerce

We work in collaboration with some of the best talent in designing, developing and launching websites and mobile applications.  Our experience in managing e-commerce projects means that we develop customer experiences built around understanding the customer behavior. 

Agency Automation

As travel businesses grow, so does the need for strong management control in business operations.  Meebo works with travel services companies to adopt technologies that solve their everyday problems; so that these service providers can focus on their customers.

Tourism Marketing

Pakistan's emerging tourism segment plays a vital role in the economic stability for the country.  We are focused on creating opportunities for all key stakeholders of the Pakistani Travel & Tourism industry: including airlines, hotels, tour operators, transport providers, sightseeing venues.


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